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Black leather has always been associated with motorcycle clothes. It has always been like that and is mostly true even today. But there is a problem with black leather – it gets very hot in sunshine. Or rather, this was how it used to be. TFL Cool System® is a revolutionary innovation and means that black leather will not absorb more heat from sunshine than white leather.

This is physics on a high level. An explanation in layman’s terms is that light is electromagnetic radiation in various frequences. Light particles, photons, swinging at a certain frequency. We human beings can only see a fraction of these spectrae and only as colours. The energy-laden light, giving off the most heat, is in a register where we can’t see them. TFL Cool System® is a treatment carried out with the tanning process and the colouring and prevents the material from absorbing this hot light. Much like white clothes do. This can correspond to a reduction in temperatures with up to 20°C. Technology and magic in a nice combination – for safer and nicer riding.

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