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Textile or Leather?

The choice between leather or textile clothing is more an emotional choice. Who you are, as a human being or motorcyclist. Leathers are traditionally the safest and the most popular personal equipment and for many the first and only choice. For light, practical and weather-proof clothing textile is, however the better choice. Modern materials from today will keep out the meanest tricks of the weather gods and will also let the body breathe. This is important, in active and physically demanding riding situations. Leather is very important to us, because that is what we started with. Here, in Malung, leather is part of our culture, our tradition. And there is something special about leather. A leather jacket, for instance, will improve with age and use. Such clothes are always correct and always comfortable, like an old friend, you want to grow old with. Since man started walking on two legs, leather has been his protection against nature. It is a sturdy material that can protect against the wind and with its resistance against frictional heat it is the perfect choice for motorcycle clothes. But even if the material has remained the same since time began, treatment and its use have taken new directions, not the least through the various high-tech materials that are used today even in traditional leather clothes.

In the field of passive safety, development of textile clothing has accelerated briskly over the past few years. We can only mention HI-ART®, a material we developed ourselves (patent pending). It is a textile fabric and serves as extra reinforcement against friction, if an accident should occur. Compared to other, similar products, our clothes with HI-ART® show very high frictional figures. In our textile and leather clothes we often use the water- and windproof membranes Dryway® and Dryway+®. Thanks to them, the rider can stay dry and warm, even when the fabric or the leather is wet, a basic trait to guarantee warmth and comfort. This is very important to the passive safety and the sense of safety for the rider. If the temperature regulating material Outlast® is added, then the differences in temperature will be evened out. Many of the leather clothes in our Halvarssons collection are treated with the TFL Cool System®. This treatment is done during the tanning and the colouring and prevents heat from the sun building up. This means that black leather will remain cooler than untreated white leather – pure magic! So? Who are you? Leather or textile? Everybody has to decide this for themselves, but we suspect that everyone of you knows the answer.

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