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It has just happened! What is not supposed to happen. You have just crashed. The impact with the road is over and you have escaped that, but you know that this is just the beginning. At a crash speed of about 100 km/h there are still 5-7 seconds before you stop sliding. Normal clothes will survive this for only fractions of a second. HI-ART® has been developed by us and is used on exposed areas in several models in our selection. In textile clothes, the material will increase their frictional resistance by up to 500 percent, leather by more than 200 percent.

HI-ART® is a fabric, similar to terrycloth. The thread is guided towards the outside in small loops and this means that the friction, in case of an accident, is taken up by the end of the thread. It is like cutting wood – it is always more difficult to cut with the direction of the fibres, than across. If that happens, what shouldn’t happen, make sure that your clothing has HI-ART®. This will strongly reduce the risk of injury.

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