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Functional clothing and space-age materials are one thing, but if they are to work perfect, you have to have the correct things on underneath. This is where the three-layer principle enters the picture.

The best thing to wear next to the body is underwear in polyester or wool, materials that can transport moisture. Through their function, this layer will keep the wearer dry. Cotton is no choice, because it will absorb moisture and moisture cools. The middle layer is the isolation, to be varied according to activity and temperature. This can be fleece or similar. At high temperatures this is naturally not necessary. Here, too, cotton is not to be used, if the advantages of the other materials are to be of any use. The outer layer is mostly there to protect against the rain and the wind, but should also be the last in line to transport moisture from the other layers.

This is where our clothes with Dryway® and Dryway+® enter the picture.

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At Skins we believe that our customers are unique and we would rather talk to you about your clothing to make sure that you get the kit your need!

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